For who?

ROKEPIE® is beneficial to all short-term cell preservation issues, although this field is still quite undiscovered and currently developing . The benefits of using ROKEPIE® can include time saving, production optimization, quality improvement and output increase, all leading to cost reduction on different levels. For each of the market segments the benefits vary, depending on the type of company and its activities.

Drug Discovery

The drug discovery market is primary based on cell-based assays. Cell-based assays have always been a powerful tool in the research lab. They can be designed to measure virtually any cellular or biochemical function. They have been rapidly moving out of the research lab into industry and into the clinic.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine research translates fundamental knowledge in biology, chemistry and physics into materials, devices, systems and a variety of therapeutic strategies, which augment, repair, replace or regenerate organs and tissue. The majority of regenerative medicine companies are therapeutically focused and developing a variety of technologies including cell-based therapies, small molecule and biologic based therapies, gene therapies, tissue-engineered biomaterials as well as scaffolds and implantable devices.

The second largest group of regenerative medicine companies are developing tools such as stem cells for drug discovery and toxicity testing, as well as clinical tools, bioprocessing tools and platforms that include equipment, consumables, reagents and storage systems to support commercialization and clinical applications.

The field also incorporates a variety of service companies specializing in clinical trial management, manufacturing, characterization, engineering and quality control, among others.

The demand for preservation solutions is influenced by the need for efficient storage of cells and tissues used in this research sector. Click for more info about the application of ROKEPIE® for: