ROKEPIE-FD01 – 5 x 2ml

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ROKEPIE-FD01 – 5 x 2ml


ROKEPIE hypothermic preservation solution 5 x 2ml

Inspired by nature’s hibernation mechanism, Sulfateq has developed a hypothermic preservation solution to protect and preserve cells at low temperature: ROKEPIE®-FD01. When ROKEPIE is added to standard cell culture medium, cells can be stored or transported at 2-8°C. After a period of hypothermic storage, the cells continue to proliferate upon reaching 37°C once again. There are other preservation media who claim to do the same as ROKEPIE but these solutions do not support living cells and tissues or are even toxic. What makes ROKEPIE unique is that it is a non-toxic additive which you can simply add to your tissues and cells. There is no need for washing/ changing the culture medium after hypothermia. Just simply add it to the tissues and cells. After storage or transport you can directly rewarm your tissues/ cells without removing ROKEPIE.

  • ROKEPIE will be delivered as a freeze-dried (lyophilized) formulation
  • The lyophilized ROKEPIE formulation is sufficient for 5 x 2ml = 10ml stock solution
  • The 10ml stock solution can be used to make 250 to 1000ml of hypothermic storage cell culture medium, depending on cell density and cell line in question
  • Dissolve the lyophilized ROKEPIE, add to cell culture, incubate and use
  • The shelf life of the lyophilized formulation is approx. 3 years

ROKEPIE®-FD01 hypothermic preservation solution is designed to be used in your personal, well defined and cell-specific cell culture medium. Whereas other commercially available storage solutions completely replace cell culture medium, ROKEPIE®-FD01 is simply an addition. ROKEPIE is cell-friendly so there is no need for changing the culture medium after hypothermia. Forget about cell-stress or extensive cell loss.

Storage at 2-8°C

  • Pause cell activities in different passages so you can control the development of your cell cultures
  • Extend shelf life of cells and tissues
  • Extend time window for quality control
  • Organise your working schedule and spread workload
  • Extend passage duration primary cells

Transportation at 2-8°C

  • Transport between facilities
  • Tranport and receive cells in suspension
  • Easy and safe international shipment
  • Quality control upon arrival
  • Flexibility of use upon arrival
  • No need for dry ice and freezing

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