Stem cells

Protection of stem cells against stress is critical for both research and clinical application of stem-cell based therapies.

Stem cells are being used in the laboratory to screen new drugs and to develop model systems to study normal growth and identify the causes of birth defects.  Preservation of cells permits the transportation of cells between sites, as well as completion of safety and quality control testing. Preservation also permits the development of a ‘manufacturing paradigm’ for cell therapies, thereby maximizing the number of products that can be produced at a given facility.

As the clinical need for stem cells to treat human disease continues to grow, the need for effective and clinically relevant methods for preserving those cell types will also continue to grow. Though cryopreservation is the used method for stem cell preservation, it comes with a lot of downsides, like the usage of DMSO . Each element of a preservation protocol (introduction of the preservation solution, freezing, storage, warming) has the potential to damage the cells.

How can ROKEPIE® help?

ROKEPIE® is applicable as an alternative for cryopreservation in those situations where only short-term storage or transportation is needed. Both cell providers, producers or developers, as well as the numerous service companies can use our additive for all those activities that could benefit from “fresh” cells instead of frozen cells. By using ROKEPIE® you will be able to protect stem cells and pause cell growth, enabling an extended passage time, providing on-time transportation or improving production quality.

Why is ROKEPIE® an alternative for short-term  cryopreservation?

Adding ROKEPIE® avoids the downsides of cryopreservation. By replacing the need to freeze with just cooling the cells in the fridge, the stress on cells is reduced.  It is a non-toxic additive, so it does not need to be removed before or after the cooling process. ROKEPIE® actually protects cells and supports growth upon rewarming.

Your top 5 benefits of using ROKEPIE®:

  1. By adding ROKEPIE® you can avoid poor post thaw conditions – it supports growth
  2. Viability rates can be increased significantly, decreasing the waste of precious cells – it’s cost-friendly
  3. ROKEPIE® positively influences the quality of the product – it’s non-toxic
  4. ROKEPIE® reduces the stress on the cells enormously – it’s protective
  5. Optimization of production schedules and reducing work load will save costs – it’s cost-effective