Longer storage time

The Hibernation Principle works perfectly for pausing cells – storage was never this easy.

A living, working model of hypothermic storage of mammalian cells exists in the form of hibernators. Research in the field of hibernation has led to the development of several new chemical entities which serve as bioregulators and help cells to enter a hibernation-like phase. The pausing of these cells can be used for short-term storage need during production or development activities.

  • Store cells easy and use them later without effort.
  • Ability to maintain different working schedules with flexibility – you decide your work schedule.
  • You can store larger amounts of cells (surface area) than in cryovials.
  • Avoid breakage of vessels at -180°C (LN2).
  • Avoid use of DMSO during storage.
  • Spread process workload over several days.
  • Pause large batches of cells during a production process, e.g.:
    • Increase time window for trypsinization of large amount of cells
    • Inoculate one single batch of cells but harvest on seperate day

Why use it?