Tested cell lines

We have tested ROKEPIE with multiple cell lines. Underneath are the results of some of these cell lines.

Duration of storage at 2-8°C per cell line with ROKEPIE® added to the cells:

NRK52E At least 21 days
HEK293 At least 7 days
SH-Sy5Y At least 7 days
HUVEC At least 3 days in 96-wells plates
MS5 At least 5 days
CaCo2 At least 7 days

To show what ROKEPIE does for cells we have made some pictures for the different cell lines with and without the addition of ROKEPIE. The pictures speak for themselves:

Tested cell line: SH-Sy5y

Description: Homo sapiens, human bone marrow derived neuroblastoma cells.


Tested cell line: NRK 52E

Description: Rattus norvegicus, immortalized rat kidney (tubular) epithelial cells.


Tested cell line: MS5 (murine stromal)

Description: Mus musculus, primary mouse bone marrow cells.

The first image shows the MS5 cell line without ROKEPIE® additive. The second en fourth image clearly shows a different structure, that is the result of adding ROKEPIE® to the cell line.


Tested cell line: HEK293

Description: Homo sapiens, immortalized human embryonic kidney cells.


Tested cell line: HUVEC

Description: Homo sapiens, primary human umbilical vein endothelial cells.


Tested cell line: CaCo2

Homo sapiens, immortal human epithelial colorectal adenocarcinoma cells.

The first image shows the morphology of CaCo2 control cells after 7 days at 2 – 8°C. (without ROKEPIE® additive). The second image (morphology of CaCo2 cells stored with ROKEPIE® after 7 days at 2 – 8°C.) clearly shows a different structure, that is the result of adding ROKEPIE®-S01 to the cell line.


Datasheets tested cell lines