Gene therapy

Human gene therapy refers to products that introduce genetic material into a patient’s cells to replace faulty or missing genetic material or to introduce therapeutic protein drug, thus treating a disease or abnormal medical condition. The amount of gene therapy-related research and development continues to grow at a fast rate. This will also increase the need for smart and efficient preservation protocols.

How can ROKEPIE® help?

The ROKEPIE® additive can be used for different purposes in this market. It pauses cell growth and therefore helps the research and development process by optimizing work load and quality controls. It protects cells in stressful situations caused by storage and transportation.

Why should we use ROKEPIE®?

It can replace cryopreservation protocols for short-term storage or transportation, thus avoiding cells stress and bad cell quality. You can increase the quality of the cells and save costs and effort at the same time. 

Your top 5 benefits of using ROKEPIE®:

  1. Freedom to plan your research activities at your convienece – it enables pausing cells
  2. Easy and safe cell transportation within or between sites or research divisions – it supports flexibility
  3. Optimization of the cell maintenance and quality control process – it’s convenient
  4. Production and labor cost savings – it’s efficient
  5. Optimization of product quality levels – it’s non-toxic