The ROKEPIE® additive protects vital cell functions while stored or transported at 2-8°C, even for multiple days.

The ROKEPIE® additive contains an effective compound that brings cells into a hibernation-like phase. During hibernation, metabolism shifts towards a minimal need of oxygen and nutrition (vita minima), making storage of cells easier and more robust. This hibernation-like phase will protect cells against difficult circumstances: Bioregulation will pause the cell growth and prevent cell damage and viability loss caused by oxidative stress.

  • ROKEPIE® is non-toxic: Your cells can be rewarmed up to 37°C safely without the need to remove ROKEPIE®.
  • ROKEPIE® does not affect cell proliferation: Cell growth after preservation is immediately supported.
  • Pausing your cells will allow you to extend the passage duration of valuable primary cells, which in turn will lead to a longer use of primary cells.

Why use it?