Video of the most effective way to transport fresh cell suspensions at 2–8°C

Just a few weeks ago we published a blogpost about our experiment: Easy transportation of fresh cell suspensions at 2–8°C. We had performed this experiment to find out which low-cost and easy method could be effective for transporting fresh cell suspensions with added ROKEPIE®.

Simple method works perfectly – watch our new video

We found out that a styrofoam box, some cooling elements and a regular post or carrier service are sufficient to transport fresh cell suspensions from A to B. We now published our video on this topic in this post.

Easy, low-cost and non-hazardous

Check out the multiple benefits of using this simple, but effective transportation protocol instead of more expensive methods involving cold chain transportation (2-8°C) with special materials, frozen transport (-20°) or dry-ice transport (> -20°).

Would you like to test transporting your cells following our easy protocol after seeing this video? Please contact us for more information.