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ROKEPIE® is the best alternative for short-term (cryo)preservation. It offers all benefits of hypothermic cell preservation, and is easy to use and non-toxic after rewarming.

Cell-friendly preservation

ROKEPIE® offers a new, more cell-friendly alternative for available short-term preservation products. Forget cell-stress or extensive cell loss, choose for cell protection.

Easy and efficient

ROKEPIE® is an additive rather than a complete preservation medium. Changing media before and after storage is unnecessary.  Just add, incubate, store and rewarm. Easy and efficient.

Cell Growth Support

ROKEPIE® is the first cell preservation product that supports growth at 37°C. No need to cool before adding & no need to remove before rewarming. It supports cell growth, not damages.

Cell Growth Control

ROKEPIE® allows to control cell growth in a specific period. Pausing cells in different passages for different periods gives you the freedom to control cell culture development.

Work load flexibility

ROKEPIE® supports the process to pause cell growth, giving you the possibility to extend time windows, spread work load or conduct quality controls.


Hypothermic preservation additive

ROKEPIE® is a safe alternative for cryopreservation when short-term storage is needed. This avoids the damaging effects of DMSO on cell viability.

Bioregulator to protect cells at 2°-8°C.

ROKEPIE® is based on the chemistry of hibernation, enabling to pause cells, store them in the fridge and rewarm them at your convienence without any cell damage or loss.

Add & Use principle

With ROKEPIE® there is no need to use DMSO or change the medium before and after cold storage. Just simply add to the cells and start the storage process. After storage you can directly rewarm your cells without removing ROKEPIE®.

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Who We Are

ROKEPIE BV has started as a spin-out from Sulfateq BV in 2011. We use biomimicry as a tool to discover and develop revolutionary products based on the hibernation principle, like ROKEPIE®-FD01.

Our drive

We believe that the hibernation principle will lead to the development of many pioneering and innovative applications in cell protection. Our compounds are just the beginning.

Our Markets

R & D for Drug Development
Stem Cell Manufacturing
Cell Therapy
Tissue Engineering